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Pivot3 Datacenter Series

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2U Flash HCI and storage Appliances


2U Hybrid HCI and storage Appliances


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1U Hybrid HCI and storage Appliances

Breakthrough intelligence and performance to power your business.

Pivot3’s Acuity hyperconverged software platform overcomes the performance, scale and resiliency limitations of conventional hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Pivot3’s innovative, multi-tier architecture with NVMe flash datapath is orchestrated by an Intelligence Engine that simplifies performance, data protection and security management and puts an end to infrastructure complexity. Now IT can confidently consolidate a broader set of workloads on a single infrastructure platform and deliver guaranteed performance to the applications that power the business.

Increase Application Performance

Pivot3’s state-of-the-art, multi-tier storage architecture combines NVMe PCIe flash, SSD, HDD and RAM in each HCI node for faster performance and cost-effective capacity utilization. With the breakthrough performance levels of NVMe flash, the consolidation of latency-sensitive applications on HCI is now a reality. Additionally, Pivot3’s distributed scale-out architecture aggregates the capacity, IOPS, bandwidth and cache of each node into highly-available resource pools that deliver maximum storage performance to your applications.

Exceed User Expectations

High performance storage by itself is not enough – it must be delivered to the most important business applications when it counts. Intelligent prioritization capabilities through Pivot3’s advanced QoS policies set minimum levels for IOPS, throughput and response times for each application. Additionally, Service Levels associated with each QoS policy prioritize performance resources accordingly, ensuring mission-critical workloads meet their service levels during periods of resource contention or degraded mode conditions.

Simplify IT Management

Making performance easy to manage starts with offering five flexible QoS policies that can be assigned to each workload, without having to know exact performance requirements. For recurring business needs (i.e. quarterly reporting and batch processing) policy changes can be easily scheduled to prioritize performance as needed. By automating policy changes, QoS scheduling gives IT the agility to support the business as application priorities and workloads change. In addition to performance QoS policies, data protection QoS policies ensure snapshots are prioritized and automated to align with changing data protection needs.

Improve Datacenter Efficiency

Pivot3 effectively resolves the tradeoff of capacity utilization for availability inherent in most HCI solutions that rely on replication for data protection. Patented erasure coding provides an optimal combination of efficiency, protection and performance your business needs for uninterrupted operations. Pivot3’s distributed scale-out architecture also enables efficient, non-disruptive scalability by pooling all system resources, which expands with each added HCI node to the cluster. This modular approach to linear scalability means you buy only what you need as your business grows.

Pivot3 Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Next Generation Performance
  • Multi-tier Architecture
  • NVMe Flash Read/ Write Cache and Tiering
  • QoS Performance Limits
  • QoS Service Levels
  • Scale-out Architecture
  • Scale Storage & Compute Independently
Intelligent Policy-based Management
  • Performance QoS Policies
  • Data Protection QoS Policies
  • Policy Scheduler
  • Performance Metrics
  • Security Policies
Comprehensive Data Services
  • Patented Erasure Coding
  • Snapshots and Clones
  • Asynchronous Replication
  • Replication to the Cloud
  • Application Integration
  • Data Reduction/ Thin Provisioning
  • External Storage and Server Support
  • vSphere Integration (VAAI, PSA, vCenter)
  • Proactive Monitoring and Analytics
  • HTML5 GUI (vSphere, Stand-alone)

9X Performance

3X VM Density

62% Lower Latency