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Pivot3 Surveillance Series – Edge

Intelligent Infrastructure for Physical Security at the Edge







Right-sized server and storage solution for video recording, video analytics and other applications at remote locations requiring mission-critical resilience.

The Pivot3 Surveillance Series Edge solution is for remote offices or distributed sites such as transit stations, drilling sites, mining operations, oil rigs, and critical infrastructure sites where space is a premium, flawless capture of video without dropped or degraded frames is a necessity, and 24×7 recording and access to video is a must. Pivot3’s V3-2000 Surveillance Series hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is purpose-built for remote, edge locations with the resilience, compute and storage resources and simple local or remote management that these deployments require. As HCI, it combines server resources and storage in one appliance model, making it easier to deploy, manage and scale along with being a more efficient and flexible use of resources.

Simple Local or Remote Management

With its simple user interface and built-in intelligence and automation, Pivot3 Surveillance Series does not require specialized IT skills to manage. Systems can be managed locally, or multiple systems, including Surveillance Series and Essentials by Pivot3 recording servers, can be managed from a central location with the Pivot3 Management Application.

Ensure 24x7 Operation and Data Access

Typical server and storage solutions use conventional RAID technology to prevent data loss in the event of one or two disk failures. Pivot3’s patented erasure coding technology protects critical video data against the failure of up to five simultaneous disks or the loss of an entire appliance plus two disks to ensure that security systems at your remote site are always operational and data is accessible.

Advanced Intelligence and Automation

Surveillance Series Edge is based on the Pivot3 Acuity hyperconverged software platform with its built-in Intelligence Engine. The Intelligence Engine automates numerous tasks including performance optimization, data protection, auto-healing, health monitoring and predictive fault detection, and performing system updates and upgrades. This gives you peace-of mind that the systems at your remote sites are healthy and operating at their peak performance while also reducing on-going management costs.

Support Video Recording and More

To minimize hardware footprint and avoid having to deploy and manage multiple systems at your remote sites, the Surveillance Series Edge is a powerful virtualized platform capable of running multiple workloads you require including video management systems, intrusion detection and video analytics. Additional compute and storage can be added, or just storage based on changing workload requirements.

Key Capabilities and Features

  • Manage with standalone Pivot3 Management Application or from VMware vCenter with plugin.
  • Remote management and monitoring of multiple Pivot3 Surveillance Series Edge systems and Essentials by Pivot3 video recording servers from single Pivot3 Management Application.
  • Intelligent real-time system health monitoring and analytics with phone home, automated alerting, daily health reporting, and dispatch.
  • Shared storage pool (SAN)
  • Video optimized data path with pooled cache and disk resources with parallel active/active storage controllers.
  • Virtualization allows for multiple applications to be run on the system.
  • Supports leading video management systems and video analytics applications.
  • Add compute resources and storage capacity together or independently.
  • Built-in high availability and resiliency, no single points of failure.
  • Patented, advanced data protection technology (Pivot3 Erasure Coding).
  • Sustain video ingest and video access in event of multiple drive or a complete node being off-line.
  • Built-in automated application failover.
  • Quick node rebuild and self-healing reduces time to repair.