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Pivot3 Surveillance Series

Critical IT Infrastructure for Surveillance, Security and IoT









All‑in‑one infrastructure solutions, designed for video surveillance.

Pivot3 enables organizations to consolidate video management, video storage, access control, video analytics and other related security applications onto a single, all-in-one IT infrastructure that delivers the performance, resiliency and scalability required by modern security technologies. This  approach, called hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), combines server and storage resources into modular, scalable appliances that provide advanced resiliency capabilities so organizations can store video data without loss, protect their data during failure events, and ensure their data is always available when and where it is needed. And with its simple, single-pane-of-glass management, designed for ease of use by non-technical personnel, it allows them to focus their time on protecting your business.

Maximize Uptime

Ensure video data, applications and systems remain available and accessible, even in the event that disks or an HCI appliance is unavailable with Pivot3’s data protection and failover technology. Storage will remain online, virtual servers automatically restart, and recorded video will remain protected and accessible, all without the need for redundant software, licensing or hardware.

Scale On-Demand

Deploy Pivot3 with only the server and storage resources you currently need, minimizing cost and overprovisioning. As camera counts grow and new technologies are integrated, scale storage, compute, GPU and bandwidth linearly, and non-disruptively, by simply adding appliances.

Simplify Management

Managing separate storage, server and management interfaces for video surveillance is complex and time consuming. With Pivot3, servers and storage are virtualized into a single infrastructure designed to run video management, access control, analytics and related applications. A simple, centralized user-interface and automated administrative functions means no specialized skills are needed to manage this enterprise-class infrastructure.

Eliminate Frame Loss

Purpose-built to handle the unique requirements of modern video surveillance workloads, Pivot3 eliminates frame drops to ensure video loss and image degradation never occur. Every HCI appliance's storage and performance resources are aggregated and available to every camera, so you can be confident that cameras will get the sustained performance they require, even in the event of hardware failure.

Pivot3 Surveillance Infrastructure Features

Never downtime or data loss
  • Patented Erasure Coding
  • 5 drives or full‑node data protection
  • Automated server failover
  • No single points of failure
  • Real-time system health monitoring
  • Automated alerting, case management and dispatch
Sustained video integrity
  • Video optimized data path
  • Solid‑state write cache
  • Pooled cache and disk resources
  • Parallel active/active storage controllers
  • Virtual sparing for fast disk rebuilds
Fully‑functional Client Access*
  • Up to 180 1080p, 30fps video streams per appliance
  • Any device – phone, tablet, zero‑ client, workstation, video wall
  • Any VMS, plus integrated systems
  • Secure communications
  • Lower bandwidth
Pay as You Grow
  • Flexible scaling of compute, capacity, bandwidth and GPUs
  • Grow capacity with storage-only appliances
  • Video data is auto load balanced, on-line and non-disruptively
  • Storage efficiency improves with scale