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Pivot3 Virtual SOC

Secure clients — anytime, anywhere, any device



UP TO 180

1080p, 30fps video streams per appliance







Consolidate security workstations including video and integrated systems from any manufacturer.

The Pivot3 Virtual Security Operations Center (SOC) delivers fully secure video streams to any device, anytime, anywhere, regardless of system manufacturer. Overcome the limitations of manufacturer-specific PC workstations and reduce the need to invest in expensive, graphics-enabled clients workstations. Reduce costs and mitigate risk by mobilizing your entire security suite. The flexibility of permissions-based distributed security data enables new operational models for surveillance.

Purpose-Built for Video Surveillance

Deliver client desktop access with multiple simultaneous video streams with encrypted and secure connections. All intensive compute and rendering operations are processed and streamed to the appropriate client, no sensitive video data is stored on the client stations. A highly efficient protocol transmits all desktop and video graphics over LAN and WAN connections, reducing bandwidth by up to 50% compared to native VMS mobile apps and client software.

Enhanced Video Stream Performance

Standard VMS mobile apps sacrifice substantial functionality, typically limiting access to only a few video streams from a single VMS, and without any integrated systems such as access control. Users must be inside their SOC or in front of a dedicated workstation to access the full functionality of the system. Pivot3 delivers fully functional client desktops to any mobile or other client device, including multiple manufacturers and integrated systems.

Reduce Costs and Complexity

Capitalize on the substantial financial benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), by reducing capital costs with flexible, secure thin clients and zero clients instead of expensive, graphics-enabled workstations. Reduce operating expenses and complexity by managing all client viewing stations from a single location with a single software image.

Built-in Data Security

Pivot3 delivers only the desktop image to the client viewing station using a secure protocol; video and related data remain securely in the data center, and stateless clients do not store any data locally. This eliminates the risk of compromise or unauthorized download and distribution of sensitive data.

Modernize Your SOC