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Pivot3 Acuity Delivers High-Performance Hyperconverged Infrastructure for VDI, with Linear Scalability for Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows your company to simplify End User Computing operations, and to distribute high-density workloads to employees in any location. With VDI, your company can consolidate critical applications in a centralized data center, which end users can access on any type of device.

But many companies have a hard time achieving IT agility with their VDI systems. Latency on the hosting infrastructure slows down performance of VDI’s IO-intensive workloads, and reduces end user productivity.

A recent lab study by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) found that Pivot3’s Acuity Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solution provides the high-performance hosting architecture that mission-critical virtual workloads require. The ESG study determined that organizations utilizing Pivot3’s Acuity HCI infrastructure can process virtual applications faster and achieve better desktop performance for VDI end users.