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Partner Brief

Pivot3 & NVIDIA

Enhance security with scalable GPU-accelerated video surveillance, analytics and virtual SOC solutions


As security professionals seek to continually improve their ability to protect people, property and businesses, advanced technologies such as AI, analytics, virtualization, and GPU acceleration provide tools that can increase situational awareness, improve incident prevention and response, and optimize operations. However, bringing these technologies together into a solution that’s simple to deploy, scale, and manage can be challenging for security departments and their system integrators.

Video analytics - license plate detection

Converging best-in-class technologies into solutions

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is being adopted by datacenters around the world, displacing stand-alone virtualized servers connected to external shared or networked storage systems due to its simplicity of deployment and management, scalability, and lower cost of ownership. In the physical security arena, Pivot3 is the only vendor to provide an HCI solution optimized for video surveillance and physical security applications. Pivot3 HCI has been deployed successfully for over a decade supporting mission-critical environments such as airports, mass transit systems, universities, cities, and energy and utility infrastructures.

This advanced computing technology accelerates diverse applications, including high-performance computing, data analytics and graphics. In physical security, NVIDIA’s accelerated computing has been adopted by video management software, AI-based video analytics, visualization and other IoT vendors because their compute demands are outstripping the capabilities of traditional CPU-only servers, making this acceleration a must-have. NVIDIA GPUs enable breakthrough performance with fewer, more powerful servers, driving faster time to insights while saving money. NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions extend the power of the NVIDIA GPU to improve virtual desktops and workstation applications, with a consistently great user experience for everyone, from remote security personnel to personnel in the SOC.

Pivot3 Surveillance Series integrates NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate video surveillance, video analytics and remote access to SOC applications

Pivot3 Surveillance Series integrates NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate video surveillance, video analytics and remote access to SOC applications

Solution overviews

Pivot3 Surveillance Series
Enables organizations to consolidate video ingest, storage, and management along with access control and other security applications onto a single, all- in-one IT infrastructure optimized for video workloads that delivers the resilience, scalability and better economics required by mission critical video environments. Organizations can ingest video without degradation, store video data without loss, and ensure it is always available when and where it is needed. Pivot3 Surveillance Series appliances incorporate NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate video management systems (VMS) with features such as smart search which allows the software to search through the recorded video looking only for activity that matches your smart search settings, saving the time of sifting through video by hand.

Pivot3 Video Analytics Appliances
Enables organizations to drive exponential value from video surveillance investments by helping to transform video data into searchable, quantifiable and actionable intelligence. Pivot3 Video Analytics Appliances are designed to leverage NVIDIA GPUs and vGPU software to support advanced video analytics platforms from leading video analytics vendors. Pivot3 is also a member of the NVIDIA Metropolis™ intelligent video analytics platform which enables customers to put AI behind every video stream to create smarter security infrastructures. Pivot3 analytics appliances can be deployed in conjunction with Pivot3 Surveillance Series appliances, providing a common platform for video ingest, storage and analytics, or used with existing video storage systems.

Virtual Security Operations Center
The NVIDIA GPU-accelerated Virtual SOC (VSOC) delivers fully secure security desktops and workstations including video streams, to any device, anytime, anywhere, regardless of system manufacturer. It reduces costs and mitigates risk by mobilizing the entire security applications suite along with reducing operational and maintenance costs and improving security within the SOC.

Why Pivot3 and NVIDIA

  • Transforming video into actionable intelligence to increase safety and improve operations
  • Providing security personnel in remote locations secure access to SOC applications with optimum user experience
  • Reducing the cost and complexity to deploy and manage advanced video analytics and remote security solutions

Key Features

  • NVIDIA GPU-accelerated Pivot3 Surveillance Series appliances and solutions
  • Reference Architectures and Best Practices with industry leading video analytics vendors
  • Virtual Security Operations Center (VSOC) solution

Business Benefits

  • Lower TCO through reduction in infrastructure and management costs
  • Reduce risk through faster incident response and increased incident prevention
  • Securely access SOC applications from anywhere, on any device with user experience that rivals dedicated SOC workstations