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Solution Brief

Canadian Cannabis Industry

Improve Security And Ensure Compliance For Cannabis Growers Through Intelligent Infrastructure


Since its nationwide legalization in 2018, Canada’s cannabis industry has experienced enormous economic growth opportunities, but the associated government regulations pose significant business challenges. Namely, complying with governmental regulations and protecting their valuable cannabis crop at all stages of its journey from seed to end product to dispensaries makes a robust security system a mission-critical asset for cannabis growers. Providers have to secure grow operations, monitor the packaging, shipping and dispensing of the product, and monitor personnel access to the facilities. Health Canada mandates each facility capture, attribute, and store a full year of video surveillance covering all these facets of operation. To make things even more complicated, the video data has to be maintained on-prem for this timeframe—not stored in the cloud for retrieval—and immediately available for review by authorities at any time. 

With the rapid growth in this new industry, growers are quickly bringing new processing facilities online across a wide geographic area, not to mention opening new dispensary locations. This not only requires more cameras and massive amounts of data storage, but it also highlights a key issue in the surveillance world: the absence of local IT staff in a distributed environment to maintain and manage the video surveillance infrastructure.

In an industry as highly regulated as this, growers and producers can’t afford to lose a single byte of video data due to outages of any kind. The cannabis industry is increasingly turning to hyperconverged infrastructure, or HCI, to ensure continuous, high-quality recording and video data storage across scores of cameras in disparate locations, protect petabytes of data and provide easy access to video data at any time and from any device.

Intelligent Infrastructure for Canada’s Highly Regulated Cannabis Industry

Support for Multiple Security & Surveillance Applications on a Common Platform

Pivot3’s intelligent infrastructure for video surveillance enables Canada’s cannabis growers and distributors to consolidate data storage, video management systems, access control, facial recognition, video analytics software and other related applications—including legacy security system components—onto an easy-to-deploy, simple-to-manage and highly scalable platform. This eliminates the need for separate, siloed physical servers and storage and provides much higher levels of resilience and fault tolerance while reducing costs and complexity. 

Pivot3 and Canadian Cannabis Industry

Key Benefits of Pivot3 Video Surveillance

Optimized for Video Surveillance

Pivot3 delivers the only HCI platform purpose-built to handle the demanding workloads of IP video surveillance applications. Designed to meet the uncompromising video recording and storage requirements government regulations and auditors require, Pivot3 delivers the highest levels of performance, resilience and scalability, so critical surveillance data is stored without loss, protected from hardware failures, and always available when and where it is needed.

High Availability and Fault Tolerance Protects Critical Evidence

Pivot3 safeguards evidentiary and non-evidentiary video data from hardware failures, protects data and maintains high performance during simultaneous failure events, and immediately recovers from server outages with built-in failover.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere, From Any Device

Pivot3 enables fast and simple access to live and recorded video anytime, anywhere and on any device, enhancing real-time situational awareness without the need for expensive cloud services subscriptions or limited functionality mobile apps.

Seamless Scalability to Simplify Growth Planning

Adding a single Pivot3 appliance provides all necessary resources to scale capacity and performance linearly, enabling growers to buy what they need now and in the future.

Enterprise Server and Storage Capabilities with Reduced Cost

Combining server and storage resources into one platform prevents the need to purchase additional equipment and reduces power and cooling costs. Patented technology delivers up to 90% capacity utilization, preventing overprovisioning while preserving the highest levels of fault tolerance.

Leverage a Broad Partner Ecosystem

Pivot3 works closely with an extensive network of video surveillance and physical security partners like VMS, access control and video analytics providers, to engineer joint solutions that deliver robust solutions that increase value and accommodate the requirements and evolving demands of Canada’s cannabis industry.

Why Pivot3 for Canadian Cannabis Industry

Pivot3 intelligent infrastructure delivers continuous high-quality storage, data protection and access to video data covering all phases of cannabis growth, production, and distribution to ensure compliance with Health Canada’s strict mandates.

Key Advantages

  • Designed to handle the demands of mission-critical video surveillance and security applications while simplifying IT operations
  • Eliminates downtime, dropped frames and data loss with industryleading performance and resilience to guarantee availability of video
  • Supports a broad ecosystem of security and surveillance workloads on a single platform, all easily managed through a centralized single-pane-ofglass UI

Business Benefits

  • Reduces risk and liabilities with reliable data protection and resilience for compliance-driven video data
  • Improves security effectiveness, situational awareness, response times, and access to data for growers, government regulators, and auditors
  • Reduces TCO by consolidating servers, storage and client workstations on a single, centrally managed platform
  • Scales seamlessly, allowing growers to start small and grow with the business without rip and replace of NVRs or video transfer/archive