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Solution Brief

Safe Airports

Safer, Smarter Airport Security and Operations through Intelligent Infrastructure


Airport security management and IT teams worldwide are challenged by a multitude of constant security, safety and operational challenges. They are tasked with building, deploying and managing a large‑scale, distributed security system that must account for critical security services, safety protocols, regulatory and policy compliance, operational efficiencies and changing business needs. In this extremely dynamic and kinetic environment, managing costs and complexity must be carefully balanced with staying ahead of the curve on continuous operational improvements that rely on the latest safety and security technologies.

As more airports around world rely on IT departments to manage their security infrastructure, it is increasingly important that decision‑makers ensure the technologies they invest in integrate with existing internal systems, retain data security and meet the requirements of physical security teams. Secure information sharing and access between multiple agencies such as police, customs, and emergency and medical responders is paramount. Delivering value to airport business partners through enabling greater client engagement with video analytics and other IoT technologies is also becoming a part of modern airport operations.

In addition to providing secure solutions for sharing and accessing sensitive and critical information between multiple agencies such as police, customs, and emergency and medical responders, modern airports must also enable greater client engagement for business stakeholders through video analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.


Support Multiple Security & Surveillance Systems on a Common Platform

Modern airports require modern IT infrastructure to support the management of multiple types of systems including video management systems (VMS), access control, analytics, and other soware applications. A complicated or fragmented design can increase the risk of failure events, impede expansion and drive up maintenance costs. Pivot3 hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) provides an intelligent platform for airport environments. Pivot3 significantly reduces CAPEX and OPEX by allowing airport IT and security teams to efficiently deploy multiple, mission‑critical security, analytics and enterprise systems on a single infrastructure that is simple to deploy, manage and scale to meet the needs as the airport continues to grow.


Ensure System Resilience and Always‑Available Data and Business Services

Pivot3’s HCI platform ensures video is recorded without frame loss or image degradation and is always available from any device. High availability and resilience eliminate security system downtime and provide secure, instantly available access to information for all airport stakeholders. During failure or disaster events, video management systems, business services, and surveillance and security operations remain online, ensuring recorded video evidence and critical data is aways protected and accessible.

Deliver Flexible Scalability to Simplify Airport Growth Planning

IoT and modern surveillance and security technologies are constantly evolving with better, faster and more demanding cameras, devices, sensors, and analytics and incident reporting applications. Pivot3 allows airports to scale their storage, network bandwidth and server functions simultaneously or independently as needs change without interrupting operations. This provides airports with a smart growth path for video storage, analytics, PSIM, access control, management platforms, and other future soware needs. Pivot3’s centralized, single‑pane‑of‑glass management is easily administered without specialized IT skills, which simplifies operational complexity, delivers cost efficiencies and provides a clear growth path for airports as need change over time.

Leverage a Broad Partner Ecosystem

Pivot3 works closely with an extensive network of VMS, IoT and analytics partners to engineer joint solutions that deliver robust solutions to increase the value of video surveillance, IoT, and security systems for airports around the world. Working together, Pivot3 and its partners provide future‑proofed security and surveillance solutions that can accommodate the diverse requirements and evolving demands of today’s airports.

Build the Foundation for the Airport of Tomorrow

Pivot3 enables security and IT teams to consolidate data storage, video management, access control and other related security applications onto a single, all‑in‑one IT infrastructure that delivers the performance, resiliency and scalability required by modern airport environments. Designed to meet the needs of mission‑critical video surveillance, security and IT operations, Pivot3 provides security, resilience and management simplicity at scale to protect travelers and airport staff while improving operational efficiencies.

Why Pivot3 for Airports

Pivot3 intelligent infrastructure supports mission‑critical video surveillance, security and IT operations with maximum resilience and performance to eliminate downtime and data loss and ensure continuous service delivery.

Key Advantages

  • Designed to handle the demands of mission‑critical video surveillance and security applications while simplifying IT operations
  • Eliminates downtime, dropped frames and data loss with industry‑leading performance and resilience to guarantee availability of video
  • Supports IoT, security and surveillance workloads on a single platform, all easily managed through a centralized single‑pane‑of‑glass UI

Business Benefits

  • Improves security effectiveness, response times and situational awareness for airport staff, support teams and first responders
  • Reduces risk and liabilities with reliable data protection, system resilience and fault tolerance for airport’s mission‑ critical data
  • Reduces TCO by consolidating servers, storage and client workstations on a single platform