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Solution Brief

Safe and Smart Cities



Safe City and Smart City initiatives are emerging in cities around the world as a more reliable, efficient and cost-effective way to ensure safer, more secure, and more sustainable urban environments. Safe and Smart Cities rely on information collated from an array of city sensors and databases combined with video data and analytics including facial recognition, behavioral analysis, license plate recognition, and other intelligence. Effectively collecting, analyzing, storing and acting on all this information in real-time relies on the latest advances in Internet of Things (IoT) and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technologies.

While most major cities rely on video surveillance systems to better protect their communities, these solutions are often decentralized, outdated, prone to failures and costly to maintain. Additionally, increased requirements for real-time analytics to improve response times and situational awareness, and to support the data generated from IoT sensors while interoperating with traditional IT infrastructures often fall short of fulfilling the demands of Safe and Smart City initiatives. In addition to effectively monitoring, storing, securing, processing and mobilizing data from hundreds to thousands of cameras and sensors spread across a city at all times, a city’s IT infrastructure solution must integrate seamlessly with existing and new IoT technologies, support the multi-use case demands of Safe and Smart City initiatives, as well as big data and analytics applications of video-based metadata, crowd management, sanitation, public transportation, and traffic monitoring.

An agile, software-defined infrastructure solution with the right combination of performance, resiliency and scalability can ensure all the elements of a city’s safety and security environment work together to protect citizens from crime and terrorism, mitigate risk associated with natural disasters and other threats, and support law enforcement agencies, fire and EMS departments, public health and social service organizations.

A Smarter Approach to IT Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Infrastructure allows for the consolidation of video management, IoT data collection, video and data analytics and storage, access control and other related Safe and Smart City applications onto a single, simple-to-deploy, easy-to-manage industry-standard appliance. HCI platforms eliminate the complexity of separate physical servers and storage and provide a more seamless way to scale the infrastructure as camera or sensor counts grow and analytics demands increase.

Providing the Foundation for Safe and Smart Cities

As the industry-leading provider of purpose-built IT infrastructure for demanding, data-intensive video surveillance, IoT, security and analytics applications, Pivot3 delivers high-performance, ultra-dense, highly resilient solutions that reduce risk, eliminate downtime and data loss, and simplify scale and management for demanding, data-intensive Safe and Smart City initiatives. Pivot3’s hyperconverged infrastructure ensures that critical safety and security data is always available, stored without loss, protected from hardware failure and shared across the entire environment for easy access by all stakeholders. With a broad ecosystem of industry partners and flexibility to support any camera, video management software, IoT-connected devices or sensors, and security applications on a single platform, Pivot3 helps cities around the world keep pace with explosive data growth and integrate with the latest deep learning, AI, cloud services, and data security technologies. Pivot3 HCI solutions come in a variety of configurations to meet any Safe and Smart City needs, to learn more visit

Pivot3 Safe and Smart Cities

Key Advantages

  • Lower OPEX and CAPEX by deploying many applications in a multi-tenant environment, including video-based applications, analytics, databases, infrastructure management
  • Easily manage any camera, VMS, or related safety and security applications on a single infrastructure
  • Guarantee performance and uptime for critical environments where slow response time and data loss are not tolerable

Business Benefits

  • Lower TCO with ultra-dense, highly resilient platforms that deliver industry leading efficiency and cost/TB without impacting security levels
  • Keep pace with explosive data growth and seamlessly integrate with the latest analytics, AI, cloud, storage, compute, and data security technologies