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Solution Brief

Safe Campus

Improve Safety through Intelligent Infrastructure


In modern campus environments, such as universities, school districts, corporations, medical parks, and entertainment or retail complexes ,multiple security and integrated applications are deployed to protect the safety of people, mitigate risk, prevent losses, and ensure compliance. These campus environments are a diverse assortment of buildings, facilities, systems and grounds often situated on multiple acres, which presents unique challenges to security managers and IT teams. Video cameras monitor daily activity, record incidents, and can serve as a general deterrent to suspicious or malicious behavior. Video management systems collect, record and provide access to video from cameras, access control systems, prevent unauthorized intruders, analytics applications aid in providing enhanced situational awareness, analysis, and other applications are used to further improve overall security and operational efficiency. An infrastructure that can support the requirements of these diverse systems, while meeting the demands for 24x7x365 security operations and cost efficiency is essential to maintaining safer, smarter campus environments.

Improving Campus Safety and Security

An Intelligent Approach to Campus Video Surveillance and Security

Pivot3 Surveillance Series is optimized to support multiple security applications such as video surveillance, analytics and integrated security applications on a common intelligent platform, which increases operational efficiency and lowers overall IT spending. This common platform approach is called hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and combines server and storage resources into modular, scalable appliances that are simpler to deploy, manage and scale. Pivot3 HCI provides the performance, resiliency and scalability  required to support Internet of Things (IoT) cameras and sensors, video management systems (VMS), access control, analytics applications and other IT software required to provide safe and secure campus environments.

Mission-Critical Infrastructure for Campus Environments

Given the impact on public and employee safety, the data generated  from a campus’s cameras, sensors and other security applications is mission-critical, with zero tolerance for downtime, data loss or dropped video frames. Just as Fortune 1000 companies rely on mission-critical datacenter operations for continuous delivery of business services, campuses environments depend on the same levels of resiliency, non-stop performance and scalability.

Industry Leading Resilience and Performance

Pivot3’s intelligent infrastructure is designed to handle the resilience and performance requirements of video surveillance, security and IoT applications. Pivot3 ensures video integrity is delivery constantly, without interruption or degradation. During failure events, Pivot3 ensures that video continues to record, security services remain online, and recorded video remains secure and accessible. Pivot3 solutions support the latest in GPUs used in support of video analytics applications and deliver higher video ingest rates than traditional IT infrastructure solutions like DAS or NVRs helping to reduce the amount of infrastructure purchased to support the number of video cameras required.

Simple, Flexible Scalability

Video surveillance, security and other IoT technologies are constantly evolving with better, faster, and more demanding sensors, cameras, analytics and incident reporting. Pivot3 provides the ability to grow storage, bandwidth, and server functions independently, or simultaneously, without interruption, for a smart and flexible growth path for video management systems, video storage, analytics, PSIM, access control, and other future application needs. Simple, single pane-of-glass management tools allow for easy management and control of resources without specialized skills as campus growth and requirements increase over time.

Deep Technology Partnerships

Pivot3 has a long history of partnering with the leading video management, analytics, access control, and camera companies to jointly test, validate, deploy and support mission-critical security solutions.

The Infrastructure for Modern Campus Security Operations

Pivot3 intelligent infrastructure is designed to meet the needs of mission-critical video surveillance, security and IT operations in todays’ modern campus environments to improve operational efficiencies and provide safer environments for employees, students, and visitors.

Pivot3 Campus Challenges

Why Pivot3 for Campuses

Pivot3 helps organizations with campus environments improve safety, reduce risks and liabilities, and improve incident response times through more intelligent infrastructure.

Key Advantages

  • Performance and resilience designed for demanding video surveillance, IoT, and security applications.
  • Simple, centralized management of distributed campus resources without requiring specialized IT skills.
  • Flexible, granular scalability allows for growth without interruption as new security, video, and IT functions are deployed.

Business Benefits

  • Improve safety, reduce risks and ensure compliance by eliminating downtime and data loss.
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX by consolidating video surveillance, security workloads and integrated applications on a common platform.
  • Control costs and effectively manage budgets and growth plans with flexible, granular scalability and reduced complexity.