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Solution Brief

Safe Transit

Intelligent Infrastructure to Secure Transit Systems


In today’s world, passenger safety is top of mind for transit systems. Security concerns range from thwarting a high-profile terrorist attack to monitoring for articles left behind in a station, identifying people or items that have fallen on train tracks, preventing assaults, and implementing crowd control measures. At the same time, operational issues such as fare jumping cost transit systems millions of dollars each year.
By nature, transit systems consist of thousands of cameras spread throughout the transportation network, complicating the management and accessibility of video stored at a remote station or on a moving bus or train. With this number of cameras comes an ever-increasing amount of video data that must be stored and processed efficiently in order to ensure passenger safety and reduce the risk and liability of the transit system.
At the same time, the role of video data continues to expand. The security team must constantly evaluate new technologies such as video analytics to increase the effectiveness of security measures, and to enhance business operations.

Improve Resilience for Transit System Video and Analytics through Intelligent Infrastructure

Support Multiple Security and Surveillance Applications on One Platform

Pivot3’s Safe Transit solution offers a secure and resilient video and analytics infrastructure designed to be managed at the scale of a large metropolitan transit system. Pivot3 intelligent infrastructure decreases total cost of ownership and management complexity by supporting multiple security and surveillance applications on a single platform, delivering high-quality storage, data protection and access to video data.

The infrastructure can be centrally managed across a federated edge and core network, with maximum resilience and performance to eliminate downtime and data loss. Offering industry-leading capacity in a dense footprint, the Safe Transit solution from Pivot3 minimizes data center footprint requirements.
Today’s transit systems are turning to analytics software to optimize both their security and their operational efficiency. Whether it’s edge processing such as the ability to lock all doors in the case of an emergency, or data collection and management in the data center for post processing such as forensic analysis or time and motion studies, Pivot3’s intelligent infrastructure is ideal for analytics at the edge and in the data center. Pivot3 is equally capable of helping decode video data or streams of data coming from IoT sensors, meaning that your infrastructure will be equipped to handle aggressive adoption of IoT.

As an integral component of a Safe City initiative, transit system security needs to integrate with a city’s larger Network Operations Center. Pivot3’s standards-based hyperconverged infrastructure is uniquely suited to tie into the larger city-wide security framework, and to support the various end-points, like mobile devices and security workstations, where security data needs to be available.

Meeting Key Infrastructure Challenges for Transit Systems

Pivot3 intelligent HCI solutions and our broad ecosystem of security and surveillance partnerships enable transit systems to:


Reduce risk and liability and improve security effectiveness via a resilient video infrastructure


Integrate seamlessly with existing and new security technologies and surveillance applications such as video management, access control and analytics software

Centralized Management

Manage video captured at multiple edge facilities/vehicles from a central location without specialized, local IT staff

Key Benefits of Pivot3 Video Surveillance and Analytics

Optimized for Video Surveillance

Pivot3 delivers the only HCI platform purpose-built to handle the demanding workloads of video surveillance applications. Designed to meet the uncompromising video recording and storage requirements necessary in a high-stakes transit environment, Pivot3 delivers the highest levels of security, resilience and management simplicity. Critical surveillance data is stored without loss, protected from hardware failures, and always available when and where it is needed.

High Availability and Fault Tolerance Protects Critical Evidence

Pivot3 safeguards evidentiary and non-evidentiary video data from hardware failures, protects data and maintains high performance during simultaneous failure events, and immediately recovers from server outages with built-in failover.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere, From Any Device

Pivot3 enables fast and simple access to live and recorded video anytime, anywhere and on any device, enhancing real-time situational awareness without the need for expensive cloud service subscriptions or limited-functionality mobile apps.

Seamless Scalability to Simplify Growth Planning

Pivot3 deployments can be expanded by simply adding additional Pivot3 appliances, enabling transit systems to buy what they need now and in the future. Pivot3 can scale processing and storage independently, or both together, providing ultimate flexibility.

Enterprise Server and Storage Capabilities with Reduced Cost

Combining server and storage resources into one platform prevents the need to purchase additional equipment and reduces power and cooling costs. Patented technology delivers up to 90% capacity utilization, preventing overprovisioning while preserving the highest levels of fault tolerance.

Leverage a Broad Partner Ecosystem

Pivot3 works closely with an extensive network of video surveillance and physical security partners like VMS, access control and video analytics providers, to engineer robust joint solutions that meet the evolving demands of transit systems worldwide.

Why Pivot3 for Safe Transit

Pivot3 helps transit systems improve safety, reduce risks and liabilities, and improve incident response times through intelligent infrastructure that supports multiple security and surveillance applications on a single platform.

Key Advantages

  • Designed to handle the demands of mission-critical video surveillance and security applications while simplifying operations
  • Eliminates downtime, dropped frames and data loss with industry-leading resilience to guarantee availability of video
  • Supports a broad ecosystem of security and surveillance workloads on a single platform, all easily managed through a centralized single-pane-of-glass UI

Business Benefits

  • Reduces risk and liabilities with reliable data protection and resilience for surveillance video data
  • Improves security effectiveness, situational awareness, response times, and access to data
  • Reduces TCO by consolidating servers, storage and client workstations on a single, centrally managed platform
  • Scales seamlessly, allowing transit systems to start small and grow surveillance without the “rip-and-replace” requirements of NVR 3-tier architectures