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Application Brief

Scalable Video Analytics

Realize the potential of video analytics with optimized appliances plus validated and sized solutions that scale with your requirements


Video analytics is helping turn video into a strategic business asset that improves security and safety, reduces organizational risk and improves financial returns. Designing the proper server and storage infrastructure for these sophisticated applications can make the difference between success or failure in realizing their potential benefits. Challenges and complexity exist in sizing and configuring the required server and storage resources based on your requirements, easily scaling as the use of analytics grows, managing and maintaining another infrastructure, integrating your existing video surveillance infrastructure to minimize management complexity, and finally, future-proofing the infrastructure given the rapid refresh cycles of state-of-the-art video analytics technology.

Video analytics - license plate detection

Pivot3’s Surveillance Series appliances for video analytics are designed to support the intense processing and AI-enabled workload requirements inherent in today’s advanced video analytics applications. The appliances are designed for configuration flexibility in order to support a variety of industry-leading video analytics software. The appliances for video analytics can be integrated with Pivot3 Surveillance Series appliances used for video ingest and storage. This common architecture and management approach to your entire video security infrastructure thus reduces complexity as well as maintenance and management costs.Pivot3 simplifies the design and deployment of video analytics with pre-tested, validated infrastructure solutions for video analytics including validated designs, Reference Architectures and Best Practice Guides produced by the world-class Pivot3 Solutions Test Lab.

Example Deployment Models

Video analytics at larger scale single site
Pivot3 Video analytics at larger scale single site

Video analytics at edge sites connected to core site
Pivot3 Video analytics at edge sites connected to core site

Pivot3 Appliances for Video Analytics

V5-6400 Appliance

Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Consolidation and Efficiency
The V5-6400 is a 2U hyperconverged server and software-defined storage platform purpose-built for video surveillance workloads. With dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, support for up to five NVIDIA GPUs support, up to 15.3TB of SSD capacity per appliance and the ability to cluster and pool the resources of multiple appliances, the V5-6400 meets the needs of video analytics environments that require the utmost in resilience, resource efficiency and scalability.<

V5-6400c Appliance

Best-in Class Compute Appliance
The V5-6400c is a compute optimized 2U appliance purpose-built for demanding video analytics workloads. With dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, 1.92TB of SSD capacity, and up to five NVIDIA GPUs, the V5-6400c meets the performance needs of advanced video analytics applications while seamlessly integrating with other Pivot3 V5 Series appliance-based solutions supporting video recording, storage and other physical security applications.

X3-6000c Appliance

Small Form Factor Optimized for Analytics at the Edge
The X3-6000c is a 1U appliance ideal for edge or remote locations where processing video analytics closer to the video stream saves the bandwidth costs associated with streaming video to the core for processing. With dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, NVIDIA GPU support and up to 30.7TB of SSD capacit, the X3-6000c meets the needs for deploying video analytics at a wide variety of remote and edge locations.

Flexible Deployment Models

Video analytics technology is advancing at a rapid pace and video analytics vendors use various technologies and deployment methods based on their architecture. Whether your video analytics employs NVIDIA GPUs or the OpenVINO toolkit from Intel and whether it runs in a Microsoft Windows, VMware ESXi, or containerized environment, Pivot3 has validated it and supports it.

*OpenVINO™ is a trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries.

Why Pivot3 for Video Analytics

Pivot3 supports video recording, storage, and analytics, along with other security applications, on a single, all-in-one IT infrastructure that delivers the performance, resilience and scalability required by mission-critical environments.

Key Advantages

  • Optimized configurations for both Edge and Core video analytics processing as well as NVIDIA™ GPU and OpenVINO™* toolkit enabled video analytics.
  • Pre-tested and validated solutions for leading video analytics applications.
  • Flexible scalability of compute, GPU, and storage for expanding the use of video analytics

Business Benefits

  • Deliver real-time results and accelerate investigations with appliances optimized for the analytics technology and use cases.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs by consolidating video recording, storage, analytics and other applications on a common infrastructure architecture.
  • Reduce risk by eliminating any uncertainty in properly sizing, configuring and deploying video analytics to meet your specific requirements.
  • Easily accommodate future growth with flexible, granular scalability and pay-as-you-grow approach.