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Application Brief

Video Surveillance and Security

Modern infrastructure solutions for mission-critical video surveillance and physical security in a resilient, simple to manage, scale-out integrated appliance model


Video surveillance has evolved from a crime deterrent and investigation tool to a strategic business asset that improves security and safety, reduces organizational risk and improves financial returns. With massive amounts of data generated by high-definition IP video, surveillance systems currently account for over 50 percent of IoT-generated data. Organizations such as transportation hubs, educational facilities, casinos, utilities, sports venues and city governments are challenged to find supporting infrastructure solutions that, unlike traditional IT servers and storage area networks (SANs), are designed to handle the demands of video workloads and don’t required specialized storage or IT skill sets.

Pivot3’s Surveillance Series enables organizations to consolidate video storage, management, and analytics along with access control and other security applications onto a single, all- in-one IT infrastructure that delivers the performance, resiliency and scalability required by mission critical environments. This approach, called hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), combines server and storage resources into modular, scalable appliances that provide advanced resiliency capabilities so organizations can store video data without loss, protect it during failure events, and ensure it is always available when and where it is needed. And with its simple, single-pane-of-glass management, designed for ease of use by non-technical personnel, Pivot3 reduces IT complexity so organizations can focus on their business.

1 Million+ Cameras Protected. 65+ Countries. 20,000 Deployments. 0% Video Data Loss.
Pivot3 Surveillance Series

Pivot3 Surveillance Series

V5 Surveillance Appliances

Every single frame matters.
The V5-2000 is a is a hyperconverged server and SAN storage platform purpose-built for video surveillance workloads. With petabyte scalability, video-optimized performance and advanced resiliency, the V5-2000 based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, meets the needs of the most demanding surveillance environments. Eliminate downtime, data loss and dropped frames.

Ideal for installations with 100–10,000+ cameras

V5-2005 Surveillance Appliances

Best in class price-performance.
The V5-2005 is a is a hyperconverged server and SAN storage platform, based on AMD EPYC™ single socket servers, purpose-built for demanding video surveillance and security workloads. With petabyte scalability, video-optimized performance and advanced resiliency, the V5-2005, meets the performance, resilience, and scalability needs of mission-critical surveillance, security, and IoT environments.

Ideal for installations with 100 – 10,000+ cameras

V5 Virtual Security Operations Center

Full control. Wherever you need it.
The V5-6400 Virtual Security Operations Center solution (VSOC) consolidates all video and security workstations and applications onto one centralized platform and virtualizes them for full remote access and use. VSOC securely delivers fully functional applications to any device, enabling complete mobile access and reducing the need to invest in expensive, graphics-enabled workstations.

Virtualized video workstations and security applications ideal for mobile and remote system access

V5 Storage Appliances

Store more. See more.
V5 Storage Appliances add storage resources to all V5 Surveillance systems without the additional compute resources, enabling organizations to scale storage capacity seamlessly and cost effectively.

Pay-as-you-need-it scalability

Why Pivot3 for Video Surveillance and Security

Pivot3 supports video storage, management, and analytics, along with access control and other security applications on a single, all-in-one IT infrastructure that delivers the performance, resiliency and scalability required by mission-critical environments.

Key Advantages

  • Purpose-built for video surveillance with lightning-fast solid state write cache, pooled storage and performance resources, and direct disk access.
  • Designed with extreme resilience and availability to deliver high fault tolerance, automated system failover, predictive maintenance and parts sparing.
  • Delivers enterprise-class virtual storage and compute infrastructure on industry-standard x86 servers with flexibly scalability.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce risk by eliminating downtime to protect against critical liabilities associated with video loss and deliver maximum sustained throughput to prevent dropped frames and image degradation.
  • Improve response time and situational awareness by accessing video and security applications on any device, from any location, at any time.
  • Lower cost of ownership with simple, centralized management platform that is easily administered without specialized IT skills.