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Top Reasons – Maintain Pivot3 Support

Is your Pivot3 support contract about to expire? It’s important to keep it current, and here’s why. Read on for our top tips on making the case for renewing your maintenance contract.

#1 Current Software is Better Software

If you’re not current on maintenance and support, your organization could miss out on valuable new software features, bug fixes, and patches that can improve your security infrastructure and operations.

#2 Downtime is Risky in a Security Operation

Eliminate the risk of downtime impacting your operations by keeping your maintenance and support current. You’ll accelerate access and have the responsiveness of Pivot3 Customer Support when you need them most. You’ll also avoid any one time fees associated with support incidents or lapsed maintenance contracts.

#3 Hardware Failures Happen

Disk drives fail, and if enough of them fail at once, a whole appliance (node) can fail. Don’t miss out on Pivot3’s predictive system monitoring and analytics, phone home and Support Cloud capabilities that preemptively catch and eliminate issues before they cause an outage

#4 Optimize. Optimize. Optimize.

Our team of experts help customers optimize their Pivot3 infrastructure in areas such as performance optimization and capacity utilization, ensuring you get the most out of your Pivot3 system. A current
maintenance and support contract is the only way to get access to these important services

#5 Protect Your Investment.

You’ve made a considerable investment in security infrastructure with Pivot3. A current maintenance and support contract will ensure system(s) are maintained effectively through their lifetime, including how to best approach update and upgrade paths. Staying current will extend the usable life of your investment in Pivot3 infrastructure.

#6 Avoid Out of Maintenance Fees

Fees apply when you require support but no longer have an active maintenance contract. Don’t get caught off guard by unexpected invoices

For information on the status of your maintenance contract, refer to the Pivot3 Support Portal.
From the portal, you can also download software, access the Pivot3 support team, and find a variety of helpful materials related to your Pivot3 infrastructure.